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QSharp and Quantum Console

This is the home page of QSharp, a quantum computing and information simulation project written in C# running on the Microsoft.NET plaform. QSharp includes the Quantum Console, a console application used to execute commands against a register of simulated quantum bits.

This project is designed to assist programmers in understand quantum information fundamentals, and how operations performed in a quantum computer may function.

You may prepare the register with your own amplitude values.

Register initialised with 3 qubits, 8 basis states
(A|0› + B|1›) (x) (C|0› + D|1›) (x) (E|0› + F|1›)

ACE|000› + ACF|001› + ADE|010› + ADF|011› + BCE|100› + BCF|101› + BDE|110› + BDF|111›


Valid commands follow the following form:


For example, the following command performs a NOT operation on the first qubit (A|0› + B|1›):


*Note that qubit indicies are 0 based, not 1 based.

Multiple commands may be specified by delimiting instructions with a semicolon:

X(0); X(1);

Multiple commands may appear also on seperate lines, specified by delimiting instructions with a semicolon:


Refer to the following documentation for in-depth explanations of each command, how to execute them, and what is happening 'under the hood'.


Commands currently supported (follow these links for more information):


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