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G'day. I build enterprise level solutions that are delivered on your desktop, on the web, on your phone, or in the Cloud. Some of these solutions include e-commerce web sites, mobile applications, database design and performance tuning, backend systems, or also machine learning and deep learning.

I write software mainly in managed lanuages such as C# and Java, SQL, and XML family of specifications, but employ a raft of other technologies as required, however I spend most of my profesional life these days as a product architect. I have worked for some of the largest and most innovative companies in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Computational Materials Research, High-Throughput Computing

My post-graduate research field is Computational Materials Research and High-Throughput Computing using various Machine Learning/Deep Learning techniques on technology such as Azure ML Studio and similar. I am attached to the ARC Center of Excellence into Exciton Science where my research theme is Excitonic Systems for Solar Energy Conversion.

Quantum Computing

I am also busy in the fields of quantum information, and quantum computing, as part of an international fellowship competing in the race to bring large scale quantum computing to the world.

I maintain the QSharp - a C# quantum computing simulator codebase. Visit the QSharp research project homepage for more information.

Recent Articles

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Calculating the Determinant of a 3 x 3 Matrix - 04 Aug 2018

Calculating the determinant of a 3 x 3 matrix is relatively trivial; the Laplace expansion is the method used here.

C#, Maths

Least Squares Polynomial Fitting to N-Data Points - 04 Aug 2018

The least squares method can be used to fit a polynomial to a set of data points.

C#, Maths

The Power Rule - Calculus - 04 Jun 2018

The Power Rule in Calculus is used when finding derivatives, and can be simplified to the following steps: Multiply the term by the exponent (power) Subtract 1 from the exponent The result of taking the derivative of `f(x)` is often writte...


ALT.NET Melbourne 2016 - 20 Sep 2016

I will be delivering a presentation on quantum computing at the ALT.

C#, QSharp, Quantum Computing, Speaking

DDD Melbourne 2016 - 08 Aug 2016

I will be delivering a presentation on quantum computing at DDD Melbourne 2016.

C#, QSharp, Quantum Computing, Speaking

A Closer Look at Huffman Encoding Using C# - 06 Apr 2016

On this page: How it Works Constructing the Binary Tree Encoding the Data Unpacking the Data Final Thoughts The Code Huffman encoding is a compression technique developed by David Huffman and published in his 1952 paper 'A Method fo

Algorithms, C#

QSharp: Generating Quantum Circuit Diagrams - 19 Jul 2015

The QSharp library will allow you to generate a quantum circuit diagram from a complete set of parsed commands.

C#, F#, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliZGate - 04 Jun 2015

The quantum Z gate is represented by the Pauli-Z matrix.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliYGate - 03 Jun 2015

The quantum Y gate is represented by the Pauli-Y matrix.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliXGate - 02 Jun 2015

The quantum X gate is represented by the Pauli-X matrix, and as such is the quantum NOT gate.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

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