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Calculating the Determinant of a 3 x 3 Matrix - 04 Aug 2018

Calculating the determinant of a 3 x 3 matrix is relatively trivial; the Laplace expansion is the method used here.

C#, Maths

Least Squares Polynomial Fitting to N-Data Points - 04 Aug 2018

The least squares method can be used to fit a polynomial to a set of data points.

C#, Maths

The Power Rule - Calculus - 04 Jun 2018

The Power Rule in Calculus is used when finding derivatives, and can be simplified to the following steps: Multiply the term by the exponent (power) Subtract 1 from the exponent The result of taking the derivative of `f(x)` is often writte...


ALT.NET Melbourne 2016 - 20 Sep 2016

I will be delivering a presentation on quantum computing at the ALT.

C#, QSharp, Quantum Computing, Speaking

DDD Melbourne 2016 - 08 Aug 2016

I will be delivering a presentation on quantum computing at DDD Melbourne 2016.

C#, QSharp, Quantum Computing, Speaking

A Closer Look at Huffman Encoding Using C# - 06 Apr 2016

On this page: How it Works Constructing the Binary Tree Encoding the Data Unpacking the Data Final Thoughts The Code Huffman encoding is a compression technique developed by David Huffman and published in his 1952 paper 'A Method fo

Algorithms, C#

QSharp: Generating Quantum Circuit Diagrams - 19 Jul 2015

The QSharp library will allow you to generate a quantum circuit diagram from a complete set of parsed commands.

C#, F#, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliZGate - 04 Jun 2015

The quantum Z gate is represented by the Pauli-Z matrix.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliYGate - 03 Jun 2015

The quantum Y gate is represented by the Pauli-Y matrix.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: PauliXGate - 02 Jun 2015

The quantum X gate is represented by the Pauli-X matrix, and as such is the quantum NOT gate.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: the Register - 19 May 2015

The Register type represents a quantum state vector, which can be viewed as analogous to a memory register.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

QSharp: Getting Started - 13 May 2015

Getting started with QSharp is easy.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

Introducing QSharp - a C# quantum computing simulator - 12 May 2015

I remember the first time I heard about Quantum Computing - the basic concept seemed too fantastic to be true, with many of the fundamental principles seeming counter-intuitive and almost ridiculous to me.

C#, F#, Maths, QSharp, Quantum Computing

Windows Phone 8.1 app for PBS 106.7 FM - 22 Sep 2014

Recently some of my time has been taken up with developing a new streaming media app targeted at Windows Phone 8.

C#, Windows Phone

Hamming Distance - 26 May 2014

The Hamming distance can be essentially thought of as the number of differences counted between two strings of equal length.


When is a Linked List not a Linked List? - 11 May 2014

Well, when is it? It sounds like a trick question, but the truth of the matter is there's no such trick to the question at all.


Proof by Mathematical Induction - 30 Apr 2014

Providing proof by Mathematical Induction allows us to prove that a recursive function will return the correct value for any value within its sequence.


The Distance Between Two Points - 13 Mar 2014

What can mathematics do for your programming? That's an interesting question to explore, even more so when answered with an example.

Algorithms, C#, Maths, SQL

Set Theory: Difference - 12 Mar 2014

In set theory, the difference operation determines which elements from one set do not appear in the elements of another given set.

C#, Maths, Python

Set Theory: Intersect - 03 Mar 2014

In set theory, the intersect operation determines which elements from a set intersect with elements from any given sets.

C#, Maths, Python

Set Theory: Union - 03 Mar 2014

In set theory, the union operation is a enumerative combinatorial function that combines distinct elements found in any of the given sets.

C#, Maths, Python

Factorials - 28 Feb 2014

The factorial of an integer is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to that number.

C#, Maths

Insertion Sort in Python - 27 Feb 2014

The insertion sort is a simple sorting algorithm that sorts an array (or list) one item at a time.

Algorithms, Python

Under the hood: List<T>.Contains(T) - 30 Jan 2014

One of the best things about .


Sydney Opera House - 30 Dec 2013

Sydney Opera House

Photography, Travel

Square Matrix to Column Vector Multiplication - 18 Dec 2013

In quantum computing, gate type operations are performed via matrix multiplication.

Maths, Quantum Computing

Matrix Notation - 12 Dec 2013

Matrix notation is a pain to deal with when writing in plain text/typing on a computer.

Maths, Quantum Computing

Multiplication using Complex Numbers - 06 Dec 2013

Here are three useful methods for multiplying complex terms: FOIL – First, Outer, Inner, Last Gathering Like Terms Expand Terms Consider the rule: (a + bi)(c + di) Where i denotes an imaginary number.


The Qubit - 18 Nov 2013

Like most programmers of classical computers, understanding the basics of quantum information and the underlying mechanics can be a bit of a leap.

Maths, Quantum Computing

Music and Skype Apps Crash on Windows 8.1 - 16 Nov 2013

Recently, I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 8.

Windows 8

Prime Number Calculation in C# - 10 Nov 2013

A simple method for prime calculation involves: Calculate the square root of the number Setup a positively incrementing loop from 2 to the square root Attempt to divide the number by the loop value If the result of this calculation is greater t...

C#, Maths

Office Documents Stuck Syncing in SkyDrive - 15 Jul 2013

Recently sync operations to SkyDrive seemed to have stopped working with Office documents.

Visual Studio 2012 Shouty Menus - 26 Feb 2013

Goodbye to you, Visual Studio 2012 upper case menus! Have you recently installed Visual Studio 2012, and noticed that amongst the raft of UI changes that the menus now shout at you? For some reason, it's been decided that the menus should all a...


Train Tracks at Salzburger Freilichtmuseum - 29 Dec 2012

Train Tracks at Salzburger Freilichtmuseum Train Tracks at Salzburger Freilichtmuseum

Photography, Travel

Sunset Over Winterthur - 29 Dec 2012

Sunset over Winterthur Sunset over Winterthur

Photography, Travel

Projekt: Untersberg - 14 Dec 2012

Der Untersberg looms over my little place in Niederalm.


Salzburg Museum der Moderne - 28 Oct 2012

Salzburg Museum der Moderne

Photography, Travel

Soundscape: Extrasolar - 23 Feb 2012

'Extrasolar' is the second release by Melbourne multi-instrumentalist, Carl Belle.


C# 3.0 Automatic Properties - 13 Dec 2011

There have been quite a few new interesting features added into C# over the last few iterations, and once of these that I'd always wondered about was automatic properties.


Scandinavia - 21 Sep 2011

I was sad to wave goodbye to Österreich as I started my trip north, which took me breifly through Deutschland, hitting 265 km/hr on the autobahn.

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Österreich - 15 Sep 2011

On leaving Schweiz, I thought that there was no way at all that I would ever see another country even remotely as beautiful as Switzerland, however I was totally wrong: welcome to Österreich! After leaving Venice, I pointed the bike north east and...

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Sunset from Trondheim - 06 Aug 2011

Sunset from Trondheim

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Italia - 23 Jul 2011

My venture into Italy was a trial by fire, or on this particular day, a trial by water, Porsche, gravel, and goat, via the immensely complex Passo di Stelvio.

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Klagenfurt - 19 Jul 2011


Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Sunflowers Near Pisa - 30 Jun 2011

Sunflowers near Pisa

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Passo dello Stelvio - 26 Jun 2011

Passo dello Stelvio

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Nufenenpass - 22 Jun 2011


Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

2011 Catalunyan MotoGP - 21 Jun 2011

Here are some photos I took at the 2011 Catalunyan MotoGP.

Motorcycles, The Lonely Motorcyclist

Espana, France and the Pyrenees - 21 Jun 2011

On the 29th of May, 2011 I boarded the ferry to Santander from a very grey and miserable Plymouth.

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Archos 5 Internet Tablet - 20 Jun 2011

Luggage space! There is simply never enough of in on a motorcycle, but that by itself is one of the attractions of motorcycling: carrying just what you need, not everything ever made.

The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

The Tallest Mountain Pass in Europe - 12 Jun 2011

The tallest mountain pass in Europe

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

The R6 Sleeps on the Streets of Monaco - 10 Jun 2011

The R6 sleeps on the streets of Monaco

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Turn 1 at Monaco - 10 Jun 2011

Turn 1 at Monaco

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

Casey Stoner on His Way to Victory at the Catalunyan MotoGP - 05 Jun 2011

Casey Stoner on his way to victory at the Catalunyan MotoGP

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

The Plains of Spain - 01 Jun 2011

The Plains of Spain

Motorcycles, Photography, The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

London - 25 May 2011

I was lucky enough to have a mate from Australia throwing a house warming style party at her place in Camden, so after a day taking in the sites and sounds, I ended up in Camden meeting more of the locals, which turned into an all-nighter and a train...

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Wales - 18 May 2011

On the 18th of May I set out for a 2 day trip up to Wales, partly to give myself something to do, partly to test out the new bike luggage, and partly to test out the new bike, but mostly to see if all these moving parts would come together and facili...

The Lonely Motorcyclist

To the South East - 14 May 2011

My first excursions out on the new R6 have been reasonably safe and easy as I get used to being back in the saddle.

The Lonely Motorcyclist

Hello There, New R6! - 14 May 2011

I picked up my new bike today, a lovely 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6.

Motorcycles, The Lonely Motorcyclist

Flying to the United Kingdom - 10 May 2011

I can't stand flying, it's really an awful experience, being locked inside a metal tube whizzing through the sky at (usually) around 800-900 km/hr, at an altitude of a few kilometres - there's really nothing civilised about it at all, in fact, it's p...

The Lonely Motorcyclist, Travel

GoPro, Cameras and Such - 20 Apr 2011

I decided to lash and purchase a GoPro Motorsport package for my trip to the EU.

Motorcycles, The Lonely Motorcyclist

The New R6 - 18 Apr 2011

Possibly the most important component of this trip is the bike itself.

Motorcycles, The Lonely Motorcyclist

Some General SEO Guidelines, Content Relevance is King! - 18 Apr 2011

What is SEO? Content relevance is king! This question has been asked many times, however SEO can be summarised as: "Structuring content, code, and associated in such a way to improve visibility to search engines.


The Adventure of a Lifetime? - 10 Mar 2011

Every once in a while, various events and circumstance in our lives suddenly align, offering new opportunities, ideas, thoughts, emotions, goals and aspirations.

Motorcycles, The Lonely Motorcyclist

Working with Subqueries in SQL Server 2008 Best Practices - 14 Nov 2010

When working with subqueries and common table expressions, you should consider the following best practices: Use subqueries to break down complex queries Consider the performance of subqueries, compared to other methods for retrieving data Use...


Bike Scams - 10 Nov 2010

Recently I've decided to sell my beautiful 2001 Yamaha YZF-R6, known amongst my cirle of friends as 'The Phantom'.


Joining Data from Multiple Tables Best Practices - 06 Nov 2010

Consider the following when you join data from multiple tables: Join tables on primary and foreign keys because it improves performance Limit the number of tables in a join Limit the number of tables in a join query because too many joins can s...


Data Grouping and Summarising Best Practices - 06 Nov 2010

When you use clauses and operators to summarize data, consider the following: Index frequently aggregated columns to improve performance Avoid using aggregate functions on columns that contain NULL values Use the ORDER BY clause to guarantee t...


T-SQL Recommended Practices - 06 Nov 2010

The following recommended practices should help you work with T-SQL, effectively and efficiently.


Covering Indices - 06 Nov 2010

If you create an index containing all the columns (or more) that you need for a query, then this is referred to as a covering index.


Monitoring and Controlling Resources Best Practices in SQL Server 2008 - 06 Nov 2010

The best practices for monitoring and controlling resources in SQL Server 2008 are: Establish a performance baseline over a period of time that reflects the differing utilization of SQL Server 2008 over the business cycle Choose an appropriate ...


Backup Best Practices for SQL Server 2008 - 27 Oct 2010

Follow the guidelines given below when planning and implementing an appropriate backup strategy: Perform backups on a regular basis.


Indexing Best Practices in SQL Server 2008 - 26 Oct 2010

For best results, adhere to the following best practices when creating and optimizing indices in SQL Server 2008 (caveats apply): Create indices on columns that join tables, including primary and foreign keys to improve query performance Place ...


My Local Gym Etiquette - 08 Oct 2010

I've been a member of my local gym for some time now, and recently have switched to eight exercise sessions a week; four cardio, and four weights.


More Car Scams - 08 Oct 2010

Last night I received an SMS enquiring as to whether the car was still for sale, it included an email address in which to reply to (snoxmarcus99@hotmail.


Beware of Car Scams - 06 Oct 2010

My Mini has been on the market only a couple of days now, and last night I received an SMS asking about the purchase price.


I'm Selling My 1968 Mini Cooper 'S' - 04 Oct 2010

Well, the time has come for my to part with my 1968 Mini Cooper 'S'.


Find the Length of a Text Field in SQL - 28 Sep 2010

Normally you can use the LEN function to find the length of a string field, however this does not work on a text field.


Soundscape: Constellation - 28 Aug 2010

Back in February 2008 I recorded some music on my Pro Tools equipped system at MKII Studios in Hawthorn, using only a Yamaha Pacifica 1221, a Vox Tonelab SE, a Vox AC30, and a handful of delays.


Adding a Virtual Instrument Plug-in to a Pro Tools Session - 13 Apr 2009

Introduction Architecture Auxiliary vs.

Pro Tools

Loading a Kit in BFD2 Unloads Pro Tools 8 - 03 Apr 2009

G'day all, apologies for not updating the site is so long, but with moving interstate, a new job, finding a house, and being forced at this stage to live out of boxes, I've had no time at all to address any recording, mixing, or anything else Pro Too...

Pro Tools

Mixing BFD2 in Pro Tools - 24 Dec 2008

Some time ago I was making noises regarding how much more powerful FXpansion's wonderful BFD2 can be if you just take the time to try and get more out of it.

Pro Tools

You are running out of CPU power. Remove some RTAS plug-ins, or increase the CPU Usage Lim... - 23 Dec 2008

I've noticed a lot of people visiting this site looking for the answer to this question, so I'm going to try and expand on it a little further.

Pro Tools

Finally, Some Progress - 19 Jul 2008

It's been an eventful day today, but I'll try and cover off what I've done.

Pro Tools


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